A Dream

 "Okay, sure."  Finally, a yes. After months of trying. After months of nos. He finally said yes. He finally agreed to a date. Finally, a chance. That's all she has been asking for. A little chance.  "So... Where are we meeting? Lunch?"  "I prefer dinner, and I'll pick you up."  "Okay, then."  But wait... What do I wear? All I have is work clothes. What kinda makeup should I go for? Natural? Or should I go all out? I don't think he likes that kinda girl. But oh shit I'm out of concealers. It's fine, A. It's fine. At least your hair is... A complete mess. Oh. My. God. IT IS TIME TO FREAK OUT.  *****  "I know how to make her stop," says S.  "How?"  "Give her a little...scare..." S gave O a meaningful smirk as he finishes off his sentence. And O, always in one mind with S, immediately understood the assignment. He picked up his phone again, and typed out:  "Okay, sure."  Sent.  ***** &q

The First, The Hardest

It's 2.30am. I'm caffeinated and buzzing with ideas. Might as well write something up. Maybe it would be useful in the future, when I need to reflect on myself. Also, I remembered this one video I watched on YouTube and it said,  "Success is determined by the tiny little decisions we make in our lives." Or something like that. So rather than wasting the time blinking in the dark and overthinking, I thought, why not make the decision to get out of bed and get these ideas out.  Here's one of them. A few weeks ago - or was it month? For the love of God, I don't remember when. Time to pass by weirdly during MCO. Haha.   Anyway, I started taking the steps to take control of my life. To earn back what I had lost. This pandemic and MCO is really taking a toll on me. I have been feeling so helpless and lost. No motivation whatsoever. And that one day, I decided. Enough is enough. I need to get back on my feet. Take back my life. I need to get better. Get out of these

The Last Link

It was a quiet night. The Movement Control Order was in place. No one was allowed to go out after 9pm. She was scrolling through TikTok, like always. There was not much that she could do during this pandemic. She stumbled a TikTok she could relate to and her fingers quickly tapped on the share button, wanting to share with him.  She stopped. Remembering that she had blocked him. It had been a month since. But the force of habit was still there. It was her decision to stop talking to him. It was her decision to block him from Instagram. But not a day went by without her mind wandering off to him. Without her wanting to unblock, just to say hi again.  "I hope you're doing well," she thought to herself. She continued on scrolling. TikTok, very addicting. People can spend hours on it and not notice the time going by, not notice the world going by.  The silence of the night and her peace of doing nothing was interrupted by the sound of her mother's voice, screaming her nam


 Hai, assalamualaikum! 大家好!  我是 Aiza. And 欢迎来到 my blog.  So... I have decided to go back to blogging.  Scrolling thru my drafts, I realized it has been years since the last time I blogged. My last post on this blog was back in 2012. I was still in high school. And then I tried starting a new blog. Which was a fail.  Everything after my last post on this blog, they were just random posts. Luahan hati bila my relationship got a little hard. I no longer update my blog on the regular as I did back when I started.  现在, I've even graduated from the university. A whole lifetime had passed & now I'm back. I'm gonna start blogging on the daily basis again. Just like I used to do.  Well, back then, I could only blog whenever I have the laptop with me. Dulu laptop kena share with the whole family. Every chance I get, I would write an update. Or make up short stories. Sometimes, I even asked dedi for the laptop just so I can blog. Hahahah!  现在, we each have our own laptops. Bukan l