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 Hai, assalamualaikum! 大家好!  我是 Aiza. And 欢迎来到 my blog.  So... I have decided to go back to blogging.  Scrolling thru my drafts, I realized it has been years since the last time I blogged. My last post on this blog was back in 2012. I was still in high school. And then I tried starting a new blog. Which was a fail.  Everything after my last post on this blog, they were just random posts. Luahan hati bila my relationship got a little hard. I no longer update my blog on the regular as I did back when I started.  现在, I've even graduated from the university. A whole lifetime had passed & now I'm back. I'm gonna start blogging on the daily basis again. Just like I used to do.  Well, back then, I could only blog whenever I have the laptop with me. Dulu laptop kena share with the whole family. Every chance I get, I would write an update. Or make up short stories. Sometimes, I even asked dedi for the laptop just so I can blog. Hahahah!  现在, we each have our own laptops. Bukan l