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The Last Link

It was a quiet night. The Movement Control Order was in place. No one was allowed to go out after 9pm. She was scrolling through TikTok, like always. There was not much that she could do during this pandemic. She stumbled a TikTok she could relate to and her fingers quickly tapped on the share button, wanting to share with him.  She stopped. Remembering that she had blocked him. It had been a month since. But the force of habit was still there. It was her decision to stop talking to him. It was her decision to block him from Instagram. But not a day went by without her mind wandering off to him. Without her wanting to unblock, just to say hi again.  "I hope you're doing well," she thought to herself. She continued on scrolling. TikTok, very addicting. People can spend hours on it and not notice the time going by, not notice the world going by.  The silence of the night and her peace of doing nothing was interrupted by the sound of her mother's voice, screaming her nam