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A Dream

 "Okay, sure."  Finally, a yes. After months of trying. After months of nos. He finally said yes. He finally agreed to a date. Finally, a chance. That's all she has been asking for. A little chance.  "So... Where are we meeting? Lunch?"  "I prefer dinner, and I'll pick you up."  "Okay, then."  But wait... What do I wear? All I have is work clothes. What kinda makeup should I go for? Natural? Or should I go all out? I don't think he likes that kinda girl. But oh shit I'm out of concealers. It's fine, A. It's fine. At least your hair is... A complete mess. Oh. My. God. IT IS TIME TO FREAK OUT.  *****  "I know how to make her stop," says S.  "How?"  "Give her a little...scare..." S gave O a meaningful smirk as he finishes off his sentence. And O, always in one mind with S, immediately understood the assignment. He picked up his phone again, and typed out:  "Okay, sure."  Sent.  ***** &q