A Dream

 "Okay, sure." 

Finally, a yes. After months of trying. After months of nos. He finally said yes. He finally agreed to a date. Finally, a chance. That's all she has been asking for. A little chance. 

"So... Where are we meeting? Lunch?" 

"I prefer dinner, and I'll pick you up." 

"Okay, then." 

But wait... What do I wear? All I have is work clothes. What kinda makeup should I go for? Natural? Or should I go all out? I don't think he likes that kinda girl. But oh shit I'm out of concealers. It's fine, A. It's fine. At least your hair is... A complete mess. Oh. My. God. IT IS TIME TO FREAK OUT. 


"I know how to make her stop," says S. 


"Give her a little...scare..." S gave O a meaningful smirk as he finishes off his sentence. And O, always in one mind with S, immediately understood the assignment. He picked up his phone again, and typed out: 

"Okay, sure." 



"Thank you for tonight, O. It means a lot to me." 

"No probs." The smile never left A's face the entire night. Not until she turned her head to the car window and notices that... This isn't the right way. 

"Umm... But... This is not the way to my house, man." 

"Didn't say I'm sending you home." O smirks. A felt the air shift. Her happy smile turned into a nervous smile. Her heart started racing. Something's not right. Her mind spinning trying to find a way to get out of the situation. 

But the car is moving at 100km/h. What can she do? 

"We're here." O's voice startled A. She was too deep in her thoughts, imagining every scenario that can happen. But act cool, act cool. You'll get through this. 

"Where exactly?" 

"My house. Let's go up." 

A followed. Finally understanding what's going on and what's about to happen. If this is the game you want to play, so be it, O. 

They got up to O's apartment. A dropped her handbag on the couch. "May I?" she asked, gesturing at the balcony. 

"Sure. Go ahead. I'll get you something to drink."

A went ahead and stepped out to the balcony. The view here is amazing. Too bad this will be her first and last time here. Maybe. 

"You like it?" O whispers. So close. His lips barely touched her ears. A smiled. Ah, the game has begun. 

"Yeah, the view here is really pretty." O placed his hand on the railings. Now A was sandwiched between O and the glass railings. One tiny movement she'll be touching O. And she could feel that O was inching closer and closer to her. 

None of them said a word. A's heart was racing like crazy. She understood now. Why the sudden yes after a constant no. And here she thought her efforts were finally working. No... He's only trying to get rid of her. 

Alright then. 

A turned around to face O. As she thought, he was so close. Not even an inch apart. Almost touching. She put her arms around his neck. O's eyes widened. Surprised by her actions. With one hand stroking his face, down to his neck, A whispered:

"Did you really think this would scare me?" Now it was O's turn to be scared. He never would've thought A was this daring. 

A let out a little laugh. "Try again next time," she said. She gave him a little peck on the cheek and pushed him away. Grabbed her bag and left. Never to be seen again.

And O? Left in awe. 


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